• Road, tunnel and urban lighting
  • Decorative lighting of buildings with historical heritage
  • Sports field lighting
  • Inner lighting
  • Signal lighting on airports
  • Electrical wiring in civil engineering
  • Cable networks and substations

We prepare conceptual, main and detailed designs of electrical installations and documentation of the state of electrical installations.


Technical light measuring

  • Technical light measuring of luminance and lighting on roads and in tunnels
  • Technical light measuring of luminance and lighting of advertising boards and traffic lights
  • Ultrasound measuring of wall thickness and protective coating on public light posts for determining damage by corrosion and – technical condition of posts
  • Technical light measuring of horizontal and vertical illumination on sports fields

Project management

When performing electrical installations (electrical installation works), we monitor your investment throughout the entire process of creation, from the very beginning to the final works.


Expert Supervision And Consulting

Expert  supervision includes monitoring the dynamics and quality of construction, the quality of installed materials of electrical installations and compliance with other obligations of the supervising engineer arising from binding laws and regulations. In design supervision, our goal is to coordinate the execution of electrical work with design and other documentation related to the details of the implementation and in agreement with other participants in the construction.